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Shamus introduces 'Iriss’ work on social care and Gypsy Travellers' in Glasgow on 7th March

Paradise Lost

Painting Paradise Lost

Join Iriss for a day of discussion and talks exploring how co-production can equip social services with the cultural competency they need when working with Gypsy traveller and Roma communities. A chance to identify the unique challenges facing these two distinct communities in Scotland and think about creative ways to overcome them.

The full programme of the day's activities can be found here 

Registration for the event is free and can be made directly with Iriss via this link

Shiftwork Exhibition 3rd March - 14th April '18

Geddie, Gouris and Ganis (Boys, Girls and Hens)

Painting Geddie, Gouris and Ganis (Boys, Girls and Hens

Shamus' work has been selected for inclusion at g39 in Cardiff as part of the 'Shiftwork' exhibition showing 3 March - 14 April 2018 with a preview 2 March 2018    

Shiftwork brings together four artists Daniel Baker, Artur Conka, Billy Kerry and Shamus McPhee who through their work tease out a number of aesthetic and political issues concerning Gypsy, Roma and Traveller lives through cultural representation. 

A number of the works produced during the Gypsy Maker project will be shown, alongside new collaborative works developed in dialogue with g39.

For more information, please see g39 website 

Perth and Kinross’ first-ever Holocaust Memorial exhibition

Roseanna at AK Bell Library, Perth with Provost Dennis Melloy

Roseanna at AK Bell Library, Perth with Provost Dennis Melloy

Provost Dennis Melloy officially opened the Memorial exhibition on Friday 19th January in Perth which also aims to highlight the many millions of Roma Gypsies who remained unaccounted for at the end of the war.

Many of the atrocities suffered by the Roma Gypsies and other persecuted groups in the Holocaust were only discovered after the war ended in 1945. 

He said: “It is an honour to open this exhibition. It should not be forgotten that Roma Gypsies were among the groups the Nazi regime singled out for persecution on so-called racial grounds.

“The fate of the Roma people in some ways paralleled that of the Jews. Under the Nazi regime, the Roma were subjected to arbitrary internment, forced labour and mass murder.”

The Sunday Herald feature Holyrood's session on the poor treatment of Scottish Gypsy Travellers

Shamus and Roseanna outside Holyrood

Shamus and Roseanna outside Holyrood

To mark World Human Rights Day Holyrood’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee last week held a session focusing on what remains a disgraceful issue – the treatment of the Scottish Gypsy/Traveller population.

What emerged was a catalogue of discrimination and abuse aimed at Scottish Gypsy/Travellers. Their stories speak of a Scotland in which gypsy travellers are frequently dismissed and taunted as “tinkers” and “pikeys”, discriminated against for work, bullied in school, and institutionally marginalised.

The full article can be read here

Scottish Gypsy Traveller Timeline

Gypsy Traveller Timeline

Gypsy Traveller Timeline

Shamus was commissioned by The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Iriss) to produce a pictorial history of Gypsy Travellers in Scotland. It begins in the 10th century with their Indic origins and takes us right through to the present day.

The timeline is available in limited numbers as a large fold-out document, designed to be used as an educational resource either in table-top environments or as a wall-chart and can be requested from the Iriss website.

Also available on the Iriss website is a simplified version, offered as a PDF download.

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