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    A Celebration of Gypsy Art –
    traditional and contemporary, in its many forms

Scottish Gypsy Traveller Timeline

Gypsy Traveller Timeline

Gypsy Traveller Timeline

Shamus was commissioned by The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Iriss) to produce a pictorial history of Gypsy Travellers in Scotland. It begins in the 10th century with their Indic origins and takes us right through to the present day.

The timeline is available in limited numbers as a large fold-out document, designed to be used as an educational resource either in table-top environments or as a wall-chart and can be requested from the Iriss website.

Also available on the Iriss website is a simplified version, offered as a PDF download.

Exhibition Tour of Successful 'Hidden Treasures' Event

Video Still of Hidden Treasures Exhibition Tour

Video Still of Roseanna McPhee from Hidden Treasures Exhibition Tour

We are delighted to announce that our  'Hidden Treasures' event at Pitlochry Festival Theatre went extremely well despite murky and changeable weather on the day. 

We would like to draw your attention to a wonderful video tour of the event exhibits Link to YouTube given by Roseanna McPhee.

A large range of video resources from speakers, particpants and workshops are now available to watch from the event page and video page and we hope you enjoy them. 

Event Notification : Hidden Treasures at Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Los Desaparecidos

Painting Los Desaparecidos

'A Celebration of Gypsy Travellers’ Art, Crafts and Song'

Hidden Treasures is a celebration of Gypsy Traveller art, both locally and nationally, deploying a multi-art format that links to the Tummel and Tay Festival in partnership with Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

2017 has been billed as the ‘Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology’, and therefore represents a unique opportunity to explore the distinctive creative and artistic heritage of the Gypsy Traveller community.

The project will showcase new and selected existing works. The central exhibition focuses on Visual Art, accompanied by participatory Craft workshops (basket and flower-making), Music and oral presentation/debate.

Launch of our website 'Hidden Treasures'

Website Screen Designs

Website Screen Designs

Shamus McPhee is the lead artist and organiser of the 'Hidden Treasures' event and has collaborated with Simply Solar and Triplet Media to produce a new website documenting the work leading up to the event and archiving the contributions made during the event.

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